What started as a passion of Mark Lyon to combine his many years of quality wine making for others and his love of tending the land to grow quality grapes, has manifested itself into his own brand of wines called Eco Terreno Wines. The vineyards are managed using sustainable and biodynamic methods to create healthier soil and quality fruit. The name Eco Terreno literally means “of the land” and directly represents Mark’s passion and wine growing methods. 
We created an iconic brand mark showing a cross section of the environment and vines that form a bee to highlight the holistic system of land, air, nature and vines that make a truly great wine. The bee symbolizes a healthy vineyard and the actual bees managed on the estate. We also helped them strategize and create a package design system for two tiers of wine that include a value line and a more exclusive “Artisanal Selections” line for cult wine buyers.   
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